Marketing Consulting Programs

Marketing Assessment Program

Utilizing extensive marketing, sales and management experience, through the Marketing Consulting Programs The Dan Carey Consulting team will provide an objective overview of the effectiveness of existing marketing programs and make recommendations for possible adjustments or new program introductions.

dan carey Marketing Assessment

CRM Programs

CRM (Customer Relations Management) systems help you keep your business organized and help manage your business and relationships. CRM’s are one of the best tools and provide many benefits to businesses of all sizes, including decreasing costs and increasing revenue. Most businesses can’t work with a CRM out of a box. With Dan Carey’s CRM Consulting, businesses can have every customized field or object work the way they have envisioned when purchasing their CRM. Through the Marketing Consulting Programs The Dan Carey Consulting Team will develop a step by step process so each business can have organizational clarity, utilize every part of their CRM to its potential, and maximize their ROI.


Marketing Automation Program

Marketing Automation helps sales teams and self service models target more specific audiences that want to purchase services or products they are selling. Marketing Automation helps engage prospects with specific types of communications that the prospects want to watch, read or listen to; versus things they won’t pay attention to.


Workflow Automation Program

Workflow Automation is a simple point-and-click solution to automate business processes. You can create automatic communications to clients, or internally, to sales reps. Also, you can set up alerts for management regarding specific deals that move through the different sales stages, and much more.

Dan Carey Workflow Automation

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