Marketing Automation Consulting

What is Marketing automation? 

Marketing Automation helps sales teams and self service models target more specific audiences that want to purchase services or products they are selling. Marketing Automation is one of the highest ways of digital engagement with more specific type communications that the prospects want to watch, read or listen to versus things they won’t pay attention to. 

How does it work? 

Marketing Automation handles the repetitive workflow tasks and helps companies find new ways to strip out time consuming, inefficient tasks that are not as productive and are more like searching a needle in a hay stack. It has the ability to know when a customer engages with any part of the product or service the sales team is selling. It alerts the sales team when a customer is ready to buy.

Why have Marketing Automation?

Average ROI from 47% to 451% (

  1. The ultimate goal of marketing automation is to:
  2. Increase follow up and engagement
  3. Increase qualified leads which contribute to more revenue
  4. Decrease employee cost and sales team satisfaction
  5. Automate the sales and self service model

Who is The Dan Carey Team?

Strategic Marketing Automation Consulting

  • Provides better qualified leads to the sales team, faster.
  • Discovers a deeper insight into each prospects profile, when set up correctly marketing automation provides in depth information to the sales team on each profile from their behavior their interests areas they are engaging in from the website, articles and other collateral communicated to them.

Marketing Automation Consulting

  • Creates the ability to automate nurturing (follow-up) processes based on your prospect’s behavior and interests.
  • Marketing Automation gives the marketing team the ability to nurture prospects through the whole sales cycle and paving a path for a nurturing user experience that moves prospects through the sales-cycle.
  • Delivering messaging focused on prospects interests.

Marketing Automation Consulting Starts at $3,800

Marketing Automation

  • Activity Alerts for Sales
  • Lead Scoring
  • Behavioral Tracking and Communications
  • Automated Precise Communications
  • CRM Triggered Emails
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Lead Nurturing

Part 1. Assessment

Assessment includes:

  • We will assess and discover all collateral including websites, landing pages, brochures, infographics, videos, articles, email templates and more.
  • Discover all processes and systems that currently is utilized in the marketing and sales system and processes.
  • Understand the vision and objectives of utilizing a marketing automation program.

Part 3.  Implement and Train


  • We set up the CRM for Marketing Automation and connect the two systems according to best practice.
  • Set up all systems and align the right collateral and communications with each and every document.
  • Implement the complete marketing automation development from Part 2


  • We will train, present the configuration for final review and feedback. At this stage we’ll have the Marketing Automation 90% configured and final changes can still be incorporated as needed.
  • We’ll clearly state how all the teams will work with Marketing Automation – managing information and tracking interactions with your customers.
  • We’ll cover key concepts, how marketing automation takes away of some of the mundane tasks for sales and marketers.
  • We’ll show your staff the benefits how there processes in the CRM will help them be more productive and successful. Participants will have hands-on exercises to reinforce business processes and drive adoption.

Part 2.   Development

Nurture and Target prospects with the Automation follow-up system.

  • Design or make necessary changes of all collateral to focus on top value propositions and narrow the communications that are more engaging for prospects.
  • Design messaging base on lead score, profile, and interests of each prospect.
  • Set up and automate email marketing based on lead scoring and CRM activities.
  • Create the needed demographic filters and behavioral triggers.
  • Develop so management can analyze marketing campaigns based on real-time data
  • Creating a nurturing program that will track and see what collateral prospects are engaging into and capture the prospects information and create a digital footprint of each prospect while automatically importing their information into the CRM.

Score activity, forecast, report

  • With CRM integration you can report to sales where they most need it.
  • Set up report and dashboards based on levels of interest.
  • Develop a system that is focused on measuring what collateral and communications that get the best results.
  • Setting up the metrics that clearly shows what is the best audience to target.
  • Score leads based on specific activity and Identify prospects more likely to convert into sales.

Marketing Automation Consulting On going Services

We provide Marketing Automation contracted on going services that is focused on your marketing automation operations needs with:

Demand Generation. We create a robust lead capture and lead generation program. Seeking out the advertising channels that will target the best lead development for your model.

Lead Scoring and Qualification. Aligning Marketing and Sales needs by ensuring that Marketing is passing only ready-to-purchase leads to Sales through a scoring and qualification system that customized to your sales cycle & methodology.

Lead Nurturing. As we measure through the on going process we help adjust the complete lead scoring system. We will help manage by taking cold leads and turing them into hot leads for sales and self service models. Building segmentation plans and email nurturing programs that deliver hot and ready to buy leads for the sales team or self service model.

Email and Landing Page Template Installation. Edit or create email and landing page templates with split testing and install them. 

Marketing Automation Administration. We will build reports and campaigns and handle the daily work of marketing automation.

Lead Management & Marketing Automation Strategy. A complete marketing automation strategy that encompasses the entire process, from lead capture all the way to a closed & done deal. Work on the lead management process, providing effective strategies on how to get more leads, analyze the sales cycle, work on the pipeline, increase revenue.

On Demand Marketing Automation Support from a Marketer Do you need someone to bridge a skill gap while you look for a new hire? Perhaps you just need additional support during crunch time. We help you do a wide range of Marketing Automation work to keep your funnel moving smoothly.

Marketing Automation Consulting Starts at $3,800

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