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About Dan

Dan Carey is a Serial Entrepreneur, Go To Market expert and Venture Capitalist. Dan has helped business owners to follow the best paths that lead executives and entrepreneurs to success. Dan Carey’s heart is helping those that desire more than just mediocre or average, but have a passion and vision to make a difference and become extraordinary in whatever venture they are called to follow and to help those that desire to start a business. Dan believes that every person has a purpose to fulfill in this life and with that there has been a grave responsibility given to each and every person. Understanding your identity and purpose is the key to fulfilling one’s destiny.


  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Scaling Expert
  • Marketing Expert
  • Brand Developer
  • Leadership Consultant
  • Strategic Business Improvement
  • Management Structuring
  • Organizational Clarity Consulting
  • Systems Developer
  • Negotiation in Large Business Acquisitions
  • Business Niche Consulting

About Dan Carey’s Personal Life

Dan Carey was born in San Diego, California. He was raised in Lansing, Michigan. And continues to live in Lansing, Michigan with his spouse, Stacey Carey, his two daughters, Grace and Isabel, his son, Isaiah, and their cat. His focus is fulfilling what he has been called to do. He believes in the 80/20 rule when it comes to giving. His heart and passion is to give and pour out into other peoples’ lives. He is dedicated in his local ministry and believes that transparency is the key to growth in his personal, spiritual and business life.

Dan Carey’s Education

Dan’s education is in Theology and Psychology, which he studied at Mount Hope Bible Training Institute, Calvary Theological Seminary.  He received a license in counseling through the National Christian Counselors Association.

Dan Carey’s Business Experience

Dan is an Entrepreneur, Investor and Brand Developer  and has been called by many the “Marketing Expert” and has taught entrepreneurs on how to have complete business development. Dan Carey is the Sr. Partner of Carey & Conner Consulting, Carey & Conner Development and creator and instructor of Venture 101. Dan has helped over 1,000+ entrepreneurs with their complete business development within the last 15 years. He is developing multiple brands and business models; working within multiple industries.

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