CRM Consulting

Our CRM Consulting Development Implementation Program is a fixed-fee engagement or Hourly based program. Our CRM Programs are geared for either mid size businesses or smaller businesses that need rapid deployment with a single group of users. We work with Microsoft CRM, SugarCRM or CRM Software.

Key Benefits:

  1. Leveraging the CRM to utilize the full needed potential and simplify processes
  2. End-user centric training, with hands-on examples that drive adoption
  3. Implementation of best practices around usability and data quality
  4. Reporting and analytics that provide visibility to your key business metrics
  5. Fixed price engagement or hourly rate with a clearly defined scope and set of deliverables

CRM Consulting

  • Organized System for all Teams
  • Organized Data in One Location
  • Measure and Analyze at the highest levels
  • All Software and Tools in One Location
  • Simplified Processes for Sales & Team
  • CRM Automates the Marketing & Sales Tools
  • Completely Analyze all Processes in One Location


Part 1. Assess

Our CRM Assessment will:

  • Map your existing business processes with the CRM to your business
  • Discover what processes are native in the CRM suite, and which business processes will require custom application development
  • Find out how your marketing, sales, lead management, and support functions work in the CRM
  • Seek for fluid processes and address non-fluid processes
  • Learn how the staff will interact and utilize the CRM
  • Assess whether you will need a full/part-time CRM Administrator, on-staff or outsourced
  • Quickly get moving on your requirements in preparation for implementation

Part 3. Implementation and Training

Delivery of End User Training  

  • We will train, and present the configuration for your review and feedback. At this stage we’ll have the CRM 90% configured and final changes can still be incorporated as needed.
  • We’ll clearly state how your team will work in the CRM – managing information and tracking interactions with your customers.
  • We’ll cover key concepts, how CRM manages data, and best practices on quickly finding, creating, and updating records.
  • We’ll show your staff the benefits for them – how the CRM can make them more productive and successful. Participants will have hands-on exercises to reinforce business processes and drive adoption.

Part 2. Develop

Discovery Session

  • Requirement gathering session to quickly learn how your business markets and sells
  • Uncover what information you’d like to track in the CRM
  • Learn how the team interacts with customers and prospective clients
  • We’ll capture requirements around how you want to measure your business so the CRM is able to track your success though reports and dashboards

CRM Development and Configuration

  • Once we’ve learned/helped you develop a vision, our team will then configure the CRM
  • Remain focused on support, your selling processes, and methodology
  • Make the process with (KISS Development), making it quick and easy for users to enter and update records, and focus on the important fields

Creation of Reports and Dashboards

  • Business Manager Reporting which gives visibility to the company’s data
  • Giving clarity of the health of the sales pipeline
  • Progress towards quotas and individual sales rep contributions in real time
  • Knowing the true processes that work and the areas that need improvement
  • Seeing the real performers and the team members who are missing the mark

Conclusion CRM Program:

Will develop a complete matrix or SWOT of all pertinent Marketing and Sales Systems related and present recommendations of:

  • Changes in the marketing and sales systems
  • Advertising channels that could create more opportunities
  • Solutions for weaknesses or missed opportunities in the marketing or sales systems
  • Tools that will impact the marketing and sales model and help reduce costs and ineffencies
  • Processes that could be introduced in the short and long-term to reduce cost and increase growth in leads, prospects and sales
  • Programs will be suggested for creating an innovative marketing and sales model that can be scaleable and duplicable for other consultants and sales reps to follow