Dan’s “5 Phases” for Successful Business Development

  • The Business must be Recession Resistant
  • The Model must have a Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • The Business will have an Residual ROI Effect
  • The Leadership must have what it takes to be Successful
  • The Marketing and Sales Systems are Scalable
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For the last 15 years, Dan Carey has been doing business principles, from Leadership Dynamics to Complete Business Development. He has experience with start up businesses, scaling mid-size businesses and all the way to multimillion dollar business transactions. Dan created Venture101, a training platform for business owners, managers and entrepreneurs. 

Marketing Progam

Marketing Systems Development

Marketing is one of the most neglected parts of businesses. Most entrepreneurs don’t realize what separates the ma and pop’s is a sophisticated marketing system that takes their brand from ill relevant to a household brand. The Dan Carey Team creates and designs a fortune 500 marketing program for each client. Marketing is more than advertising, its about product placement, PR, sales, strategic brand development, lead development, video deployment, collateral, marketing tools and competitive advantage creation. Ultimately with the Dan Carey Team your brand with be able to paint a clear picture why a customer needs to buy within minutes.

Business Development

Complete Brand Development

If you are in need of complete business development and or need to create a business or product line from scratch, The Dan Carey Team will be able to assist you in every step you need to take, from the research, to the structure, to the planning stages. The Team will help you devise an outline of what your business development needs are. Dan Carey and his Team will be there step by step and assist on the do’s and don’ts. Dan has created multiple successful programs within his Brand Development System. One specific technique is called the “Root Digger”, which seeks out the core issues of a business’ model looking for flaws and understand what it takes to get the brand to market.

Leadership Training

Leadership Development

Leaders are not born but developed! Business owners are in real need of understanding the importance of Leadership within their management teams. Dan’s unique approach to teaching on the principals of Leadership dynamics will help your management team. He will teach on the traits of the Earth Shaking Leader to your entire executive staff. He will give direction for the implementation stages of Delegation and Duplication. Dan Carey will bring new light for your current and future leaders of your business with his Earth Shaking Leadership Training!

Organizational Clarity Intervention

Organizational Clarity

Business owners will have straight talk about the health check of their business. Dan will teach on different styles that have shown success when it comes to developing a business culture with his Training Program. Dan’s approach is focused on clarity and not pulling any strings when it comes to the tear down stages, all the way to the development stage. When you want change you must be willing to renovate your business culture. Businesses struggle today for many reasons, but one of the most common struggles is the lack of a properly developed culture of a business.


Marketing is a major part of a business. Marketing is a $500 billion dollar industry world wide. Marketing consists of many different processes and components. It’s far more than just advertising and sales It involves a lot different elements that help promote and sell products. The definition of  Marketing is “the business of promoting and selling services or products by using people and/or processes and/or tools.” So what’s the big deal about marketing? We need to start at the beginning..
The Root of it all...
It's a Dog Eat Dog World...
Where to Start?...
It's about the Marketing Strategy...
The Root of it all...
The Root… The word marketing comes from the root word market. When you think about the word “market” you think of how it used to be in the old days and how it is in some countries to this day around the world. Back in the day people had marketing come natural to their product. The market was down town or in the local village town and you go out to find what you need from produce to clothing and in most cases you knew all the owners. They didn’t have any fancy marketing ideas or strategies  But things have changed and now today it’s just not that simple. Customers buying habits are always changing and if you don’t keep up then your business won’t last.
It's a Dog Eat Dog World...
Dog Eat Dog… The dog eat dog world is how it is today and for the small to mid size businesses to survive they need to be educated on how they have to apply marketing strategies in their business. If a business owner is stuck in their old ways of doing things when it comes to marketing their really looking for a easy way to go out of business.
Where to Start?...
Where to start… This is the question I hear all the time, “where do I start?” Lets talk about today and the marketing that businesses need to follow and have implemented for their business. First we need to identify the differences between the two Out-Bound Marketing and In-Bound Marketing.

  • Out-Bound Marketing: Is when a business reaches out and initiates the communication through the different types of advertising and mediums to their target audience. Out-Bound Marketing is normally looked at more of a traditional type of approach when it comes to advertising such as direct paper mail, cold-calling, radio, sales flyers, TV advertisements, email spam marketing, telemarketing.
  • In-Bound Marketing: Is where the customers are knocking on your door where your company can easily be found and draws customers to your business front or to your website. Inbound Marketing is where you use interesting and attractive advertising ads that separates you from your competitor. The most common types of advertising are through search advertising, SEO, video ads, podcasts, social media, blogs and other forms of content writing. Most of these have all one thing in common they are all using technology.

Understanding the importance of marketing is only a part of the battle. Knowing who your targeted audience is and how to attract them, what tools best to use to go after them and what types of advertising bring in the best ROO (Return on Objective) is more pieces of the puzzle, but still you need more. Starting a new marketing strategy…


It's about the Marketing Strategy...
Marketing Strategy… The biggest piece of the puzzle is having a marketing strategy. You need a marketing strategy to get the best bang for your buck. I’ve worked with many types of CEO’s, CMO’s and business owners from all types of industries and one thing they almost all had in common they thought it was as simple as 123… And I showed them their competitors (that were the best in their industry) and how they were blowing them out of the park, which kinda helped wake them up. You must have a strategy on how your competitive advantage is going to stick out from the rest. What approach, what themes for advertising, what will it take to completely overcome your competitor and be the dominator in your industry.

This is where I come in.. I won’t only teach you and your team how to dominate but The Dan Carey Team will completely revolutionize your whole marketing and sales department. Our approach is about results and getting them for your business. We have many different areas that we attack. Depending if your a start-up business or a existing small business all the way to a large business. Our approach is based on the health and size of the organization. Contact us today and see if you qualify.



If your business is doing over 1+ million in gross sales then The Dan Carey Team can help your business with it’s marketing, sales programs. Dan Carey and his team has helped 1,400+ plus entrepreneurs with their business development, intentional-culture development and business expansion. The Dan Carey Team will look at the areas of weakness of your business and find the solutions and help bring your business up to date so your business isn’t left behind, with the newest technologies and systems available; that not only will help your businesses bottom line, but will assist you as your business grows and when buying trends from your customers change. Retaining the Dan Carey Team will be one of the best moves your business can make.

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