About Dan

Dan Carey has one main focus when it comes to life: balance it out and you will have much success. Balance for Dan is:

  • Understanding the priorities of your business
  • Keep the faith and stick with your convictions; don’t be shaken by anything
  • Watch your children grow up; do not miss the most important parts of their lives
  • Keep holding the door open and going on romantic, spontaneous vacations with your spouse
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Faith is what separates us from life and death; with it we have a hope. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence for those things unseen.

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Dan Carey and his son

Time, Leading, and Listing is what every man should do with his family. Family is vital and shouldn’t ever be neglected; remember balance.

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Business is a means to provide a future path for others to follow. Business should make a difference and not just a profit.

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