The Dan Carey Team

Is ready to assist businesses with the right marketing programs and:

  • Complete Business Development
  • Out Source Sales & Marketing Team
  • Brand strategy & Product placement
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Here are some of the areas that The Dan Carey Team will cover

Brand Development

Developing a Brand entails USP Development, Finding the top Value Propositions and Developing a Competitive Advantage having a state of the art Website. Creating a Logo, and Copyright and more…

Marketing & Sales

A Complete Marketing System with a Marketing Plan, Advertising, Collarteral Creation, In-bound Organic Marketing, Intentional-Culture Development, Systems Development, Sales Process Development

40+ Business Courses

Training in Leadership, Management, Marketing, Sales, 3 stages of Research, Structure and Planning Stage and developing the Brands Vision and Goals and much more…

Systems Development

Complete Business Creation with Software Implementation, CRM Creation Database,
Licensing Creation, Operational Manuals Development, Employee Handbooks, HR Training and more…

Who do we help? The 3 different types of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur type 1 - has a limited knowledge of how to run a business. This is the most common entrepreneur, one with limited capital and one who can only handle a little business at a time. This person called the sole proprietor shouldn’t be too discouraged as long as they understand that if they put in 110% effort and keep the vision throughout the whole journey they will have a better chance to find success. Start-Up level 1 entrepreneurs who are dedicated and work hard are very successful.

Entrepreneur type 2 - has more knowledge and is normally educated through a university or a 2nd generation entrepreneur. A Start-Up level 2 is a person who understands that the more capital they have, coupled with a great partnership (The Dan Carey Team), the higher possibility of being successful they have.

Entrepreneur type 3 - has the most experience and knowledge of what it takes to run and start a successful business. They normally have had failed and successful ventures they have done in the past. They also have a lot of experience from education or management positions. They have abundant capital saved up and are the best fit to start or buy a business that has a high ROI.

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